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We have everything to fit men out for work.  We have work boots which includes: steel toe, plain toe, pull ons, steel toe tennis shoes, insulated boots, rubber boots, neoprene boots, and steel toe rubber boots.  We also have overshoes to protect your boots.  We even have the basics like socks and underwear.  For men’s apparel there is shorts, jeans (also lined), bibs (also lined), pocket-t shirts, long sleeve shirt (also available with pockets), sweatshirts, coats, jackets, rain wear, belts, suspenders, wallets, gloves, bandanas, hats, and caps. Hi-Vis items include t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, and stocking caps.
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  1. I’m looking for a good boot for work and hunting and fishing this last pair only lasted a year. I like lace up… high 6 inch . I’m a saleman so don’t want to track in mud etc. easy to clean. What would you recommend for comfort yet last ..wear well..GB

    • One boot thats sticks in my mind is an Irish Setter Hunt boot #805. This boot may not be available yet, I believe it comes out in July. It is actually 7″ high (looks like a 6″) They use top of the line leather, Gore-tex for waterproof, and the tongue has a four way stretch for comfort. This boot is made for upland hunting so there isn’t much sole on it. This is actually a very similar style the one my Red Wing representative wear. Looks very nice with khakis yet is very functional. There is a couple other similar styles in the Irish Setter Hunt line. Any other questions feel free to call me at 641-357-1913. Thank you.

  2. im looking for a good pair of work boots pull on or lace ups i would like composite toe or steal toe would work as well i work with a few guys that have bought boots from your store wondering what you would have in size 12 wide or 13
    thanks, John

    • Hey John! Well to be honest, I have quite a few. For Pull on boots, my all time best selling is a Irish Setter Work made by Red Wing #83906 also water proof. I have a 12 E2(wide). I also have one of Red Wings best selling pull on #2231 in a 12E2 and 13D. For Lace up boots, Irish Setter Work #83800 13D also Waterproof. I have done well this boot. Also a new boot for me which is Red Wing #2409, water proof, I have this in a 13D. I can always order in sizes for you to try on. I have so many to tell you about, I can’t possible write everything I’d like to tell you about each boot, but if you call me at 641-357-1913 I can help you better or please let me call you if you’d like to leave a phone number

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